‘Create The Music You Like And From Your Heart’ – Reggie Rockstone Advices

Legendary Ghanaian rapper and Hiplife grandpapa Reggie Rockstone has shared his thoughts on the current state of Ghana’s rap scene, responding to comments made by kumasi-based rapper YPee. YPee had expressed concerns about the trend of hardcore rappers switching to singing for financial gains, citing the limited financial rewards of rap music.

In a Facebook post, YPee stated, “Rap Music In Ghana Is Dying!! Almost all our hardcore rappers in the country have switched to singing now because rap doesn’t pay… All people tell you is ‘you’re good’, ‘you’re hard’, ‘dopest rapper’, ‘the best rapper’, but you won’t make any penny from that!! You need to have a commercial hit song out there that people like to actually make some money here!! We can’t blame nobody! It’s survival mode!!! Sad but that’s the reality now!”

Reggie Rockstone offered a different perspective in the comments section of blogger Degraft Anti’s repost of YPee’s statement. He advised artists to focus on creating music they genuinely enjoy and appreciate their talents, regardless of financial success. He wrote, “Make music you like and from your heart, and if JAH wants to honor you, so he shall. Enjoy your gift and praise JAH for all. We’re not all gonna be millionaires or rap stars, but we shall all pass on one day!”

Reggie Rockstone’s words of wisdom encourage artists to prioritize their passion for music over financial gain. He acknowledges that not everyone will achieve immense wealth or fame in the industry, but emphasizes the importance of enjoying one’s talents and being true to oneself. His perspective serves as a reminder that the true value of music lies in its ability to bring joy and inspiration to others, rather than just financial success.

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