Billboard Unveils Top Afrobeats Artists Finalists for the Billboard Music Awards

The finalists for this year’s Billboard Music Award in the category of Top Afrobeats Artists is out and there is a concern by many Nigerians as to why their greatest Afrobeats artist was left out.

The five finalists are:

Burna Boy (Nigeria)
Libianca (Cameroon)
Rema (Nigeria)
Tems (Nigeria)
Wizkid (Nigeria)

Many Nigerians are asking why did they not include Davido, Africa’s most famous Afrobeats artist.

The year has been big in Davido’s life after Timeless album went anthem all over the globe. Besides, he has sold out stadiums across the globe and received several accolades.

On the other hand, some think that Davido’s omission is just a mistake. It is hard to receive a nomination at the Billboard Music Awards as even the most famous artists may remain ignored.

However this will come as a surprise to the Afrobeats lovers whose mouths will begin to drop open due to Davido’s exclusion. It would be exciting to see how the show addresses the criticism, if there will be any inclusion of Davido in nominations from now or later on.

Possible reasons for Davido’s snub:

Some voters might have been repelled by his recent controversies.
Getting nominated for Billboard Music Awards remains not an easy task, including the most successful music performers worldwide.
This may be an attempt by the awards show to diversify its nominees and include more artists from other African countries.

What can be done to ensure that Nigerian artists are recognized by the Billboard Music Awards:

  • Nigerian artists and fans can continue to support Davido and other Afrobeats artists by streaming their music, attending their concerts, and voting for them in awards shows.
  • Nigerian record labels can invest in marketing and promotion to help their artists reach a global audience.
  • Nigerian media outlets can give more coverage to Afrobeats music and artists.
  • The Billboard Music Awards can make a concerted effort to include more Afrobeats artists in its nominations and awards.

It is important to note that the Billboard Music Awards are just one of many awards shows that recognize Afrobeats artists. Other awards shows, such as the BET Awards and the MOBO Awards, have a better track record of including Nigerian artists in their nominations and awards.

Afrobeats is a global phenomenon, and Nigerian artists are at the forefront of the movement. It is only a matter of time before they receive the recognition they deserve from all major awards shows.

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